Business Consulting and Advisory

Business Consulting and Advisory

#In this highly competitive era of growing digital space, PT Accounting & Taxation offers tailored business consulting and advisory services. We help you build a strong business foundation to ensure growth. In addition to our technical knowledge and skills, we have invested in latest technology to assess and diagnose deficiencies to devise smart business solutions. Our years of experience helps in forming innovative solutions to unlock your business’ potential to steer the business towards success.

Our Business Consulting & Advisory Services can provide the following assistance to your business:

Management Consulting

We are here to help you achieve your envisioned goals for strategic growth. We offer a vast range of result orientated management consulting service to create practical and targeted outcomes.

Financial Projections

Well defined financial objectives are imperative to the growth and sustainability of your business. Owing to our extensive experience in business forecasts and budgeting, we can assist you set up short and long-term goals orientated budget strategies.


To gain over your competitors, it’s worth understanding your business’ performance in comparison to similar organisations in your industry. That’s where we can make accurate comparisons for you and forge most competitive strategies to advance your financial outlook.

Business Health Checks

Based on your historical and forward projected financial information, we can assess and analyse your business’ statistics and key performance indicators. Details reports are prepared from this data to reflect your business’ overall health.

Cashflow Forecasting

To understand your business’ financial status at any given time is crucial for internal and external stakeholders like employees, creditors, financiers, and to manage all your key expenses.  At PTAT, we can prepare cashflow forecasting to ensure that you can effectively plan, prepare and balance budgets in accordance with your cash surplus or shortfall phases.

Structuring Advice

We can advise on setting up of new business structures or assess effectiveness your existing business structure. We provide the assessment in accordance with asset protection and taxation outcomes, based on your own personal and business circumstances.