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Our Services

What can we do for you?

PT Accounting and Taxation offer a range of accounting services to individual clients and businesses to assist and manage your business. So, whether you are an individual looking to file a tax return, or an enthusiast thinking of starting your own business, or a current business owner needing assistance with existing set up and keeping a tab on current financials; our professional team of experienced tax accountants have you covered.

Starting a Business

It is always exciting to start a new business, however there is lot to consider in terms of setup. The whole process can be stressful and overwhelming experience. That’s where we come in: We can help chose the right structure for the company and further assist you to navigate business by offering right advice and information needed. We can you turn your vision into a reality. We can offer you the best start, so contact us today.

Business Consulting and Development

Our strategic and effective business plan in conjunction with suitable management and measurement of business’ financial performance determines success. By developing right strategic plans specific to your business, we can take your business to a next level. Based on thorough information, planning and preparation of business, PTAT will help your business grow and succeed. We offer

  • Business Plans & Strategy
  • Business Consulting & Advisory
  • Small Business Start-up Assistance
  • Internal Audit

Business Improvement Strategies

Our specialised team member can analyse where your business is currently at. If it is booming, then we can help maintain and further boost it with our Business Improvement Strategies. However, if your business is struggling, we can review the past records/practices to detect the weakness to replace it with new innovative strategies to help bring it back to life.

We can further set up some benchmarks ..

Cashflow management

The biggest reason behind a failing business is ‘lack of cash flow’. Good cashflow is a lifeline to maintain a healthy business. A business is able to progress, invest in better products & technology, afford appropriate staffing and negotiate better for supplier discounts, mostly by maintain a good cashflow. Hence, cashflow planning is a key business priority. We can help you either by managing and monitoring cashflow regime for you or, setting up vital cashflow maximisation strategies to give you better control over your cash. Talk to one of our team members to discuss suitable cashflow management options.

Accounting and Taxation Compliance Services

Our Tax advice helps you to balance between current obligations and your future financial plans: as today’s decisions will have direct future bearing.

We cover all the essentials of TAX: year-end accounts, corporation tax return, payroll, annual return and personal tax return. Therefore, we believe in building a solid future platform by reducing the liabilities and structuring your books to ensure greatest benefit.

Our team of accountants can ensure you pay the minimum amount of tax and get your funds ASAP.


Value the most important asset for your business: Accounts. Your business is valued on the accounts and Accounts are key to any business decisions. We offer well-organized and cost-effective bookkeeping solutions that value your asset and keep it updated. We provide reliable and sensible management reports that can assist you in making instant business decisions and plan your future expansions.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We offer our Company Secretarial services to assist you with your day-to-day company secretarial needs. You can save time and resources by engaging in our tailored services including reviewing, preparing and lodging Annual Returns and ASIC forms, auditing, compliance, and maintaining company records and registers.

Self Managed Superannuation SMSF Administration and Auditing

It’s great to have control over super fund investment decisions and retirement strategy. As SMSF member, you can tailor your own investment strategies and select specific assets such as listed securities, managed investments, cash and term deposits, international equities, instalment warrants etcetera.

We can assist you in making the right decision and offer a variety of services for SMSFs, including sincere advice, setup, structure, rollovers, administration and compliance. We can provide updates and support on the latest in superannuation developments. We utilise the latest technology in order to make our services fast, trouble-free and highly efficient for our clients. Our team is accessible, efficient and always willing to assist your needs.

Give us a call @ 08 7123 6311 and our friendly staff will be there to assist with your queries.